...mission statement...

To help people restore their relationship with God and to modify lives to represent Christ.

Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.

-Galatians 6:2

...our goal...

Through the means of helping people with their automotive needs, we may be able to show them the love of Christ in a practical way that reaches them where they are.


Single Mom of Two Kids


I'm a single mom of two kids. My son is six and severely disabled, he's been in the hospital for over a month for behavioral stabilization. He's gotten so severe I've had to send my three year old daughter to live with relatives because he might hurt her. He is severely autistic, a runner and has massive prefrontal cortex brain damage as well as health problems. In the midst of all these trips to Ozark to visit my daughter and across town to visit him my car has started acting up. It's a 2001 Pontiac grand am One of the Windows doesn't stay rolled up, the rear seatbelts are locked up and now it's over heating and I'm afraid to drive it and damage it. My son will be getting out of the hospital soon and because he's a runner a working car is super important, he can't be transported by bus because he requires a special harness to even keep him in his seat. The hospital has reservations releasing him until I have some plan to safely transport him. He could and would try to get out of the window that's broken. He's not going to get better and needs residential placement but it's probably a year still before I can make that happen because of his age. I haven't been working because with his health problems and neurological problems he misses tons of school (73 days this last year) and no one but me can handle him. I have no money for car repairs but I have to have one to keep him safe and keep him in treatment and visit my daughter. I had some savings but this recent hospital stay wiped out what I had. I asked my church but they just don't have a way to help me out to get through this time. The children's father left when my son was diagnosed and we don't even know where he is, child support enforcement is involved but they can't find him.

We were able to get the car towed to a shop and diagnosed. It turned out that the overheating issue was just a leaking hose. We were able to repair the seatbelt and the window.

Thank you so much for your help with the car. Turns out it had a problem that would have ruined my engine if you hadn't helped. The window and seatbelts are now fixed and my son is safer. I'm not sure I can express how much of a difference this makes in my life. So again, thank you.


Single Mom of 2


I want to thank your ministry.

Dear Jr,

I want to thank your ministry. One day last month I realized my car was having brake issues,because I was having to press the brake to the floor to get it to stop. But, I also knew that it would just have to wait, due to finances. The next day, I had a fender bender because of those brakes! When a friend from church referred me to Gearheard Ministries, you got my car into the shop quickly and we found out that not only the brake pads were worn out, but a brake line had ruptured! I am grateful that the accident I had was only a minor fender bender, it could have been much worse.

Thank you for fixing my vehicle brake line and pads, We were so blessed.

Single Mom of 3


When you are working and living paycheck to paycheck...

When you are working and living paycheck to paycheck a running vehicle is the thing that holds it all together. I was 8 months pregnant when I asked Gearhead ministires for help with my brakes, they were barely working and I couldn't afford to get it fixed. They were able to help with my brakes! The next day it was raining and a car swerved in front of me, it was a near miss. Who knows what would have happened if my brakes hadn't been fixed the day before. I drove away very shook up but also thankful that me and my unborn baby were safe thanks to God being able to work through Gearhead ministries. We don't realize how much we rely on our vehicles running reliably until they are not and if you can't afford to get it fixed it's a crisis. I am very glad Gearhead Ministires exists and was there to help! Thanks for letting God use you!

Single Mom To Be