...mission statement...

To help people restore their relationship with God and to modify lives to represent Christ.

Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.

-Galatians 6:2

...our goal...

Through the means of helping people with their automotive needs, we may be able to show them the love of Christ in a practical way that reaches them where they are.



Send Check or Money Order to:

Gearhead Ministries, Inc.

2131 W Republic Rd #268

Springfield, MO 65807


Vehicle Donation:

Contact by email:jr@gearheadministries.org

We accept vehicles in any condition We can only pickup a donated vehicle within 100 miles of Springfield, MO We MUST have a title for any donated vehicle

What we do with donated vehicles Depending on the condition of the vehicle we may:

-Salvage and scrap: If we deem it necessary to scrap said vehicle, we will take off any parts that the ministry thinks it can sell or use at a later date, then take said vehicle to the scrap yard to maximize the worth of said vehicle. We will then use the obtained monies to further the work of the ministry.

- Sell: If a donation does not need any repair, we may elect to sell the vehicle after we have inspected it thoroughly. We will then send out a statement to the donor stating how much we obtained for said vehicle. These monies will then be used to further the ministry.

-Repair and sell: If a donation will need a major repair and the ministry deems it financially worthy of said repair, the ministry will repair said vehicle and then sell it. The monies will then be used to further the ministry.

-Distribution: after thoroughly inspecting all donations we may elect to give said donation to a needy person or family who meets qualification guidelines.


Thank you for considering GearHead Ministries, Inc. for the donation of your vehicle. We are extremely appreciative of any and all donations to this ministry. We will do all that we can to obtain the most use possible from all donations allowing us all to SERVE GOD BY SERVING OTHERS.


After we carefully decide the best way to use your donation, you will be notified of that decision within 30 days. At that time you will receive your tax letter to use with your income taxes