Thank You...
Sunday, June 10, 2018 at 05:28PM
GearHead Ministries

I just got done going for an hour walk, praying as I walked, wondering what I was going to do to get back into my car...sat on the curb out front of the repair shop with tears beginning to form in my eyes. I knew I couldn’t start crying as I most likely wouldn’t stop! That’s when the guy working behind the desk came outside and told me I had a phone call, I couldn’t believe someone even knew where I was, as I didn’t think I had told anyone, and truly had no one to tell anyways, but, it was you all! I had forgotten that I emailed you back before my long walk and talk with God.

It is my biggest hope that I can someday repay someone in your ministry so that someone else can receive this wonderful gift of security and lift such a heavy load off their backs as you have done mine. God bless you!! Thanks again!!

~Single Mom of 2

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